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Lower back pain is the most common reason people are asking for treatment at our Clinic.  Clients present with low back conditions related to musculoskeletal injury, strain and degeneration.  
These are just some of the underlying factors creating lower back pain and the need for rehabilitation.  

Those suffering from other painful conditions may be treated with their physician’s approval. Encouraging results anecdotally, have been reported and observed by medical professionals. We welcome “comparative effectiveness research clinical studies” of Masor in both healing and pain therapy.

Pain relief and an improved quality of life are the results you are seeking.  Our highly effective protocol may help relieve your lower back pain condition as this standard procedure has been successful for over 28 years.  The study showed an average efficacy of 63% reduction per day in the Total Pain Related Index. The tool evaluates elements that include sensory qualities, affective qualities and evaluative words which describe the overall intensity of your total pain experience.

We are confident, you, as our client, will be pleased with the results.

* see link to comparative effectiveness research report from Kaiser Family Foundation

We are a mobile service operating in the Muskoka Parry Sound Ontario Area

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