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Fees are dependent on each client's individual condition and are based on $8.00 per minute of treatment time.

Fees for travel may apply depending on your distance from us.

Treatment needs are tailored specifically with a minimum of 45 minutes per session.

Your doctor can prescribe treatment and/or device purchase.

Your Insurance, Accident Insurance or Occupational Health Insurance Plan may cover treatment and/or device purchase with a doctor’s prescription.

We come to you, wherever that may be in our area. We provide the standard equipment necessary to administer your treatment, if required.

Treatment and/or device purchase may be tax deductible with a doctor’s prescription.

For long term therapy, Home Care services may provide treatment.  We offer training and certification in these circumstances.  In some cases the medical device can be leased or purchased for this purpose.  Please check with your Physician and health insurance plan. We are not covered under the Ontario Health Insurance Plan

For out of area clients, the Physician/Nurse Practitioner referral may be prearranged in advance for this treatment. The same eligibility criteria and referral process applies.

Cottage Pain Clinic treats many specific chonic back pain conditions and injuries.  We are consistently effective with our treatment results, depending on the degree of injury and length of chronicity.

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Price of treatment is in Canadian Currency

We accept prearranged financial transactions and cash post session treatment

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